“The Water into Wine”

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We continue this morning with my forthcoming publication, a modern queer translation of the Gospel of John, The Queer, in the second chapter


The Queer attended the wedding of a friend in Argyle.


Today, we find Jesus or the Queer in the midst of a wedding celebration.  Weddings are special times to celebrate the commitment of love.  We as a people know a thing or two about weddings.  We have all been to our fair share of these ceremonies.  Unfortunately, we also know a thing or two about the denial of civil marriage to many queer folk in this country.  It is difficult to talk about a wedding without thinking about the injustice of the denial of civil marriage to many queer folk.


I want it to be known in this space and to all who have ears that Jesus the Queer is with us in our struggle for marriage equality.


With this statement sealed by love for all of eternity, we move to the key elements of this passage.


Later on in the evening, after everyone was fairly drunk, the wine gave out.


Weddings are meant to be celebrations of love, thus is the reason that we still celebrate same sex weddings in Texas no matter what the laws of the state of Texas are.


During celebrations people often drink, in this case people were drunk.  The passage reads that the wine gave out.  I don’t know if you have been to a party lately, but when someone says that the alcohol has given out then usually the people have had a tremendous amount to drink.  The people were thirsty.  They wanted more alcohol to celebrate the joy of love.  The Queer complied.


The Queer ordered six large plastic barrels, capable of holding twenty to thirty gallons of water, filled to the brim and said, “Now draw out some water…”  The catering manager was shocked and could not figure out where the amazing wine came from. 


The Queer ordered a tremendous amount of water and made a tremendous amount of wine.  The Queer gave as a gift at least 120 gallons of wine to people who were already drunk at this wedding celebration.  That truth probably wouldn’t sit well with some of our more conservative friends.  They think Jesus never associated with alcohol.  This passage seems to starkly speak otherwise.


The first recorded miracle in the Gospel of John is Jesus the Queer seeking to keep a celebration of love going.


Love is worthy to be celebrated above all things.


There were plenty of people who could have provided more water, but only the Queer could have provided more wine.  We exist in a world where there are plenty of people who can provide more water, but few people to provide the sweet wine of love.  Are we going to be a people who provide water or wine?


This queer event revealed the glory of the Queer and the mission of the Queer, love.     


The mission of the Queer was and is to love.


Do we have the courage to connect with the image of God within us?  Do we have the courage to connect with the Queer within?  If we do, then we will boldly accept our mission of love…our mission to provide and be the sweet wine of love.


The disciples believed.


Love is believable.


When people see the bland water of everyday life changed to the sweet wine of love, they pay attention.  When your life becomes about love, people notice.  Do you believe in love?  Do you believe in the way of the Queer?  I invite you to believe in love.


In just a moment we will take communion, I invite you to taste the wine of love and take some with you as you leave this place to share with others…perhaps you too will find your self changing the water you find into wine.



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