The Money: A Parable of Sorts (Part 6/7 of 8): The Trial

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Alex Hockett/Unsplash

Alex Hockett/Unsplash







The records said that I pled out. I didn’t plea shit. Didn’t nobody care about me killing no nigger woman. While I’ve thought about it once or twice, I’ve come to the conclusion every time that the world is better off with one less nigger in the world.


Don’t judge me.


God’s just as racist as I am.


The foolishness was only a minor distraction. Business was booming. We were taking in cash hand over fist. Syrup was flowing in every direction. Eventually, we expanded all the way to Florida.


Forest and I traveled together. I guess I trusted him about as much as I trusted any nigger…but I didn’t really trust any nigger. I knew he was all about the money. I kept my eye on him at all times.


Bubbles wanted a baby. I wasn’t interested in no damn baby. Honestly, I’d grown tired of fucking her anyway. The money was able to buy me a much fresher piece anyways. In time, I gave in. Shelly was born on a beautiful morning. Looking into her eyes, I promised to give her whatever she wanted…and I have.


Money is still raining down.


Forest, I need you to drive me somewhere…take me to The Back Cat. I love for those nigger women to rub their pussies all in my face. I know I’m a hypocrite…but I’m so addicted.


I knew my leg was crushed from the moment it hit. I was supposed take Bubbles and Shelley to Hawaii. I knew that shit wasn’t going to happen. I’ve never recovered. The pain is always with me…but thankfully…I’ve still got the money.


Shelley grew up and got married. While I wasn’t particularly pleased with her chosen husband, I went along with it all. I knew the money could keep them both in line. It didn’t.


Before long, they had a child. We called him Beetle. Looking into his eyes, I knew I could make him exactly what I wanted him to be. Every year of his life, my control grew stronger and stronger.


I will use the money however the fuck I want.


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