The Magic of Our Moment

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*Derived from a sermon delivered at Tupelo Unitarian Universalist Congregation on May 31, 2015


Have you ever fallen in love? I think people call it falling because you feel so out of control. While it can be very scary, there is something in you that simply won’t let go and desires to just keep on falling. In such a state, there is something full and complete about simply being with the one that you love. It’s magic.


I know I am speaking to a tremendously learned congregation this morning. Have you ever wondered if you have learned so much that you have forgotten how to feel? For clarification purposes, I’m not knocking knowledge. I have seven degrees. I love school too much. With that said, I have learned enough to know that magic don’t come from thinking…magic comes from feeling.


There was a moment in the life of Jesus where he or she (we can talk about that after the service) stepped into a situation full of emotion and allowed the entirety of his person to feel and be felt. The Pharisees caught a woman in the very act of adultery. Does this mean they were close enough to see the penis entering the vagina or was there some other combination of sexual organs interacting? Regardless, we are left with a clear impression that the Pharisees were the religious peeping toms of their day. What happened to the other partner? I think we can be certain that another injustice occurred when this woman was expected to take the full punishment for the situation. After being drug around, the woman was thrown at Jesus’ feet. The Pharisees picked up rocks and prepared to stone her. Instead of calling for help or running away, Jesus felt deeper into the situation.


Placing his body on the ground next to the woman, Jesus was prepared to give his life to her. Everyone wants to talk about what Jesus wrote in the dirt, I am more interested in the fact that Jesus got dirty. Looking up, Jesus told the Pharisees, “Whoever is without sin can throw the first stone.” What if the stones had started flying? Jesus was prepared to die. Due to the magic of his witness, the Pharisees slowly walked away. Jesus felt his way in the situation and saved a life.


The magic of our moment is our ability to give our lives to this moment. We can transcend our protectionism and love our neighbors as our selves. In the midst of overwhelming racism, classism, poverty, sexism and a whole host of other evils, we can choose to be different like Jesus and give our lives to each other. There is no queerer construct than loving your neighbor as your self. You can do it. You can be the magic the world is desperate for. You will have to let go. You will have to fall. You will have to get dirty. I could try to name all that will be required of you…but these requirements are but minor inconveniences when compared to the overwhelming beauty of saving lives. Embrace the magic and let the magic embrace you.



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