The Intern Monologues: Communion

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J: What do you think happens during communion?


C: Communion is the place where we fully encounter the other. We are reminded the way of Jesus is broken and shared among us all. What do you think?


J: I believe the elements become God as we ingest them together. We are all made in the image of a God that is queer. We are queer. When all of us queers commune together…we start looking like God. The elements bring us closer to each other and closer to God. The actual queer body and blood of Jesus appear in our actual queer body and blood as we draw nearer to be a reflection of the queerest one of all. Do you think communion is salvific?


C: Our salvation is found in the collective encounter with God and ourselves. Gathering together, eating together, listening to God and each other offers us new ways of living into our liberation where our salvation is found. Liberation is salvation. We are co-liberators as we create the bountiful face and experience of the Queer God. What does the communion experience offer our world?


J: Communion is a collection of queerness or a visual representation of God in our world. I believe that we grow in our knowledge of God through growth gained in our knowledge of our self during the communion process. Communion offers the world a relationship with God and the other. Do you think that any of our churches are practicing communion with any of these thoughts in mind?


C: Most everything in the current manifestation of the church is stuck in theories as if their hands and feet are detached from the mind. We crave authentic relationships and miss the mark with our stagnant purity ethics. Communion has the power to meet us as we are in all that we are. Sadly, the church continues to miss the invitation.


J: You fundamentally cannot commune with anyone or anything until you are ready to love your self. The church consistently teaches people to hate who they are. There will be no real communion until there is real love for the self. The future of the church hinges on the liberation of individual souls from the chains of normative ways of doing and being. We can do more to commune with the God within…if we are to survive…we must.



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