The Dream: A Vision of Our Reality

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Last night, I had a vivid dream.


The pain of the dream is still with me this morning.


I was in a waiting room. There were all sorts of people everywhere. We were told to be quiet. We were told to not cause any commotion. We were told to wait our turn. No one would tell us what we were waiting for. Then, my name was called. I went up to the desk. Quietly, I was informed that I was dying. Then, I was asked to sign a paper to hasten my death. When I looked back to the waiting room, I realized that we were all waiting on death. We were all stripped of our individuality in the process. The institution was our undertaker and we were expected to be it’s willing subjects.


Last night, I believe I had a vision from God.


Institutions flood our lives. Institutions govern us. We shop at institutions. Institutions educate us. We worship at institutions. Institutions are the center of healthcare. I could go on all day. When you consider how deeply institutions are immersed in our lives, you realize how institutions are guiding us from death to death. Institutions are constantly killing our individuality. Institutions allow no room for people to be who they are. Institutions are killing us. Everyone is expected to go from institution to institution and wait their turn to die.


This morning, I started to dream of a way forward.


God created us to be unique in God’s image. The path forward is to push back against the normativity that is constantly suffocating our individuality. We must be the queer individuals that God created us to be in the first place. We must step out of line. We must never sit quietly and wait to die. This is our time. This is our moment. Death has no power over us.


This is the moment where people wake up.


This is the moment where people start kicking open doors.


This is the moment where people are set free.



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