The Baby of Belief

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In Luke 1:39-56, a baby named John leaps inside of Elizabeth at the sight of Mary and then Mary praises God for the baby growing inside her named Jesus.  In John 1:1, Jesus is called the word that was, is and will be God.  These passages both describe beautiful divine mysteries and reveal speak of the word, truth, love and hope.


In our lives this morning, let us listen for the word, truth, love and hope.  Words help us to experience truth.  Jesus was the truth and can help us understand truth.  The word was necessary to reveal the truth.  In truth we find love.  Love cannot be false for it is the truest entity to ever exist.  Love grants us hope.  Love grants us the courage to continue.


We learn these lessons from a baby named Jesus this morning.


Lately, I have been celebrating a baby too.


Over the last three days, I have experienced the first few days of life with my son, Quinley Mandela Dillard Hood.  In Quinley Mandela, I see and hear astounding words that don’t need to be spoken or written, I know the truth that radiates from his being, I feel deeply a deep love that just exists and I experience an abiding hope that is simply beyond explanation.


This is the message of Gospel of Jesus Christ coming from a baby…beautiful words beyond comprehension, radiating truth in being, deep love that simply exists and hope beyond explanation.


In this season of birth, may we open our hearts and believe.



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