Beauty: The Sunset Revelation


  Sunsets are no respecters of our categories. The sun just sets and blazes her colors across the sky. Throughout my time in Zimbabwe, I’ve found beauty or perhaps beauty has found me. This evening is no different. As the sun slips past the clouds, I’m amazed at the people who stop. In the midst […]

Zimbabwe Sleeping


The darkness brought fear Peril filled my dreams Would they come for us? Who can say? The dogs barked My eyes shot open Murmurs from my hosts Was it our time? Who can say? We were followed Are they here? Who can say? The happenings cycle What was that noise? What do they sound like? […]

The Ashes: A Celebration in Zimbabwe


  The smells. The smoke. The bells. The masses.   The Roman Catholic Cathedral in Gweru, Zimbabwe is constructed to hold as many people as possible. Tonight, I watched thousands pour onto the small wooden benches. Then, the service began.   The words weren’t different. Based on the structure of the service, I could’ve been […]

Where is Itai? : Thoughts on a Disappeared Activist in Zimbabwe


  On March 9, 2015, prominent Zimbabwean pro-democracy activist Itai Dzamara was abducted by what people believe to be government officials and has not been seen since. “Where is Itai?” The question is at the core of bubbling resistance.   On the 11th month since his disappearance, I decided to send a letter to the […]

Resisting Mugabe in Zimbabwe


  Dirt has been a constant companion. Like air, you’re constantly breathing it in and exhaling it out. When the bus arrived, I passed through the red fog to the climb up into my seat. Before I could even think, the driver looked at me and said, “Why do you remain silent about what’s going […]

The Mentally Ill God: A Sermon from Zimbabwe


*Delivered at Monomotapa Baptist Church in Gweru, Zimbabwe on 2/7/2016 Throughout Zimbabwe, I’ve heard something repeatedly…that social and political realities have nothing to do with spiritual realities. In the United States, people say similar things when they don’t want you to talk about things. People want to keep God way up in the clouds. For […]

The Impromptu Sermon : Thoughts on Christian Defiance in Zimbabwe

Jesus drives out the merchants - John 2:13-16

  Earlier this afternoon, a group of Zimbabwean government officials asked me to discuss politics with them. This is an authoritarian society where such an invitation can be dangerous. Nevertheless, I engaged. When I told them that I was primarily a theologian, they told me that here in Zimbabwe politics and spirituality don’t mix. While […]

The Mentally Ill of Zimbabwe


  After three days traveling, I was not in the best mental health. Between the mania and depression, I was struggling to figure out how to make it the rest of the trip. Then, a phrase gave me more clarity about where I was.   “Don’t tell anyone you’re mentally ill.” There are few phrases […]

Government Should be Afraid of Christians / A Word from Zimbabwe


“He’s the best leader in the world.” On my final flight into Zimbabwe, I overheard a gentleman make this comment about President Robert Mugabe. When I asked about all the crippling economic struggles the nation was having (unemployment at 90% and multiple government sectors having gone unpaid for 6 months), he looked at me and […]