Theology from Death Row Letter 3 / Texas Death Row Inmate Will Speer on The Meaning of Evil


ARE WE EVIL? I have spent much of my time in prison considering this question.  Different answers seem to come at different times.  I really believe the answer is ultimately NO.  We are not evil people.  We are people who are sinners.  We are prone to do bad things.  Some of these bad things are […]

The Week: Close to Death

  Over the past few weeks, my mind has never been far from death.  Last Friday, I delivered a letter from local clergy condemning Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins’ consistent pursuit of death sentences and then walked from Dallas to Fort Worth in protest and prayer.  Last Saturday, I stood before the hundreds of […]

Letter 2 / Death Row Inmate Will Speer on the Nature of God / Theology from Death Row


Jeff and friends, This is long overdue and I am happy to be able to be a part of this and give my ideas, feelings and thoughts.  “Theology from Death Row”  I am excited to do this yet at the same time a little nervous!  Smile!  Before I begin I’d like to share some love […]