the weather : apoem

you are under my skin what are you doing here? we were so hot now i’m so wet why are you soaking in? the clarity is gone you are cold

The Pilgrimage: A Short Story of a Long 200 mile Journey // June 16


  I woke up.  I woke up.  I woke up.  The transition from sleep to engagement with the world was difficult.  I felt terrible.  This was only to be my fourth day on my pilgrimage.  How would I survive?  I prayed and started to force my bones to move.   Still moving slowly, I met […]

the ice pellets on the head of God: reimagining church


  The weather is difficult this evening.  We slipped and slid a bit on our drive down.  The wind, rain and ice are brutally cold.  This does not seem to be a night where we could experience a good conversation outside much less the divine.  However, I think Jesus is found out in the elements […]