God Hates America

Screenshot / Feed of National Prayer Breakfast

This morning, I had the opportunity to watch the National Prayer Breakfast. Rarely, have I seen such a display of national/civil religion. Every speaker lifted up the United States as the home of God. The flag was waved over and over. There was a shared belief that peace could only come through blunt force. God […]

I Don’t Believe in Celebrating Veterans.


Ray Hood was a hero of mine. Late at night, he would gather us around and rip sideways on the harmonica. We danced as only children can. The older we got the more we loved his stories. None of us could believe that he was on a boat for months at a time. “Harry Truman […]

Somebody’s Child is always God’s Child


I don’t know if Richard Martinez is a person of faith.  I only know that Martinez has had a profound impact on my faith.  From his bold denouncement of a political culture that simply will not limit access to guns after his son Christopher was killed at the University of California, Santa Barbara to his […]

A Sermon Entitled “Jesus for President” or The Reason I Will Never Endorse a Political Candidate


  The church of my youth had a bad habit of mixing political candidates with spirituality.  I am a child of the culture wars.  I remember one Sunday morning our pastor gave a sermon entitled, “Jesus for President.”  The pastor told us that he would not tell us who to vote for and then proceeded […]