Stop With the Damn Resolutions


  No More Resolutions Nothing is Ever Resolved You Are All Still the Cowards You Were Before You Entered the Voting Halls Give You Lives to Something More Than Doing Exactly What You Did Before These Denominational Votes Are Such A Heist Be it Resolved to Stop With the Damn Resolutions And Finally Learn to […]

Jesus is Dead! : An Easter Case for a Theological Resurrection


Throughout my ministry, I have heard awful stories of pain, abuse and suffering. Though the stories are many and varied, there is one that sticks out above all others. During a time of group counseling around spiritual abuse, an older gentleman revealed that his youth group pinned him down and probed his ass with a […]

The Church in the Dirt


  *Adapted from a sermon preached at┬áPilgrims in the Park in Bryan, Texas on March 22, 2015.   The Pharisees caught a man and woman fucking. Under the religious law of the time, fucking outside of marriage was a capital offense. So the Pharisees brought the woman and slung her in the dirt at the […]