Madeleine and Lucas Turn 1! / Twins: A Poem


Twins How could it happen again? We just had sex and now there is 2 More that is The birth wouldn’t arrive I’ll never forget walking your mom in the hallways Beauty is often slow to begin Lucas came fast I loved you from the moment I looked into your eyes You were a one […]

Falling Fastly / A Mother’s Day Ode to Emily


  I never thought we would fall like this. Who would have dreamed it? When we met, love was all I could see in your eyes and I fell faster than I imagined possible. Falling is scary. Though it felt so out of control, I just kept returning to you. Remember when we talked about […]

If She Has a Penis…


For over 40 weeks, Emily has carried our son and daughter. We walked all day. With every step, I held Emily’s hand and she engaged every contraction with grit and determination. Over and over, I looked into her eyes and knew that my home will be wherever she is. Despite the pain, today was about […]

A Gender Revelation: The Forming Hood Twins


Sonograms are interesting experiences for parents who dare to believe their children are gendered unique in the image of God.  The dichotomy of boy and girl seem trite and misguided when staring at the formation of life.  I refused to allow the technician’s misguided question of “Do you want to know the gender of the […]

Emily: An Ode to Three Years


I don’t know how much it cost me to set up an account on eHarmony.  I just know I got my money’s worth and then some.   “We got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper sprout…”  I can think of no better words to describe the origin of our relationship than the opening […]

Twins Again! : A Tale of Unexpected Love for the Hoods


  We were planning our lives.  We were adjusting to life after children (twins and a single) in less than two and a half years.  We knew what we were doing.  Then we came face to face with a black and white screen.   I sat next to Emily as they rubbed goo all over […]