US Refugees Seek Asylum in Canada


  In ancient times, there was a maniacal man ruling the country. Afraid that the people would rise up and challenge his rule, he ordered families to be terrorized. One family fled. After traveling countless miles, the family ended up in a place of safety. The country they left further descended into chaos.   In […]

Fake News: Betsy DeVos and Corruption Past/Present


    Over the last few months, I have been astounded by the fake news bubbling out of our new government. It seems like there is no lie too big for the Trump Administration. Official after official just claims whatever they want. Twitter is the vessel of choice. The good news is that many people […]

Love Beyond Love: Immigration and Dementia


  Due to President Trump’s disturbing pronouncements on immigration, our borders have filled the news recently. Sadly, I think our political situation is only causing our borders to grow faster and faster. Separation seems limitless. In the midst of it all, I traveled to visit my grandmother today. For many years, my grandmother’s mind has […]