God Is Always Late…You Should Be Too

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  Recently, someone asked, “Why are you always late?” After a moment of thought, I replied, “I don’t know of any place worth being on time to.” Time is such an important part of our existence. It’s not for God. In fact, I think there is something heretical about time. As evidenced in the movements […]

The Absurdity of Time and The Resurrection of Jesus Christ


  A few years ago, I was studying history at the University of Mississippi. I was in a class on Latin American history. As we discussed ancient history, I made the observation that we couldn’t prove any of this happened. “Time is a relative construct.” Immediately, I took it a step further and further declared, […]

“time” and “belief” / 2 poems


“time” depression nibbles the dogs ran away i am haunted by the attack blood was all they wanted the problem was it was mine what do you do the only way to be in relationship is to bleed how do you survive how do you know when will things go back up i guess you […]