Leaving God for Is


  I am.   The God of our names is not God. The God of our constructions is not God. The God of our thoughts is not God. God is. God is beyond our names. God is beyond our constructions. God is beyond our thoughts. God is. We will not find God in our names. […]



To Be Visible To Be Invisible To Be To Be Human To Not To Be To Rot To Know To Pray To Go To Think To Strive To Dream To Be The Future Forgot Us We’re Stuck Here We Know There’s More We Just Don’t Know What It’s For

Thank You: A Prayer in Crisis


  The natural birth of Lucas was amazing. Madeleine was a little slower to make her appearance. Emily was experiencing contraction after contraction and nothing was happening. After close to four hours, I noticed something dripping on the floor. I don’t know why, but I assumed that it was water for a moment. When I […]