When White People Die


  Auburn University is the type of place that most people wouldn’t believe exists until they experience it. For four years, I was consistently surprised at the backward things I heard over and over again. Though much time has past since graduation, I still think about my alma mater from time to time. When I […]

Hillary Clinton is the AntiChrist


  *I wrote, “Donald Trump is the AntiChrist” in December 2015 and still stand behind the contents of the article. Here are 5 Reasons I Also Think that Hillary Clinton is the AntiChrist: Clinton’s immigration policies are opposed to Christ’s command to welcome the stranger. Clinton’s economic policies are opposed to Christ’s command to care for […]

The Incarnation of Jesus…Anthony Hill


  In Matthew 25:40, Jesus said, “What you have done to the least of these, you have done to me.” Last year in a metropolitan suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, a young unarmed and naked mentally ill veteran by the name of Anthony Hill was running around his apartment complex. Concerned residents called police and Dekalb […]

God is Our Passive Enemy: Reacting Fairly and Honestly to a Day Like Today


    Christians have a bad tendency to rush to offer excuses for God in the wake of tragedy.  In the last 24 hours, John Middleton was executed in Missouri with a lingering legitimate claim of innocence, four cousins were killed while playing soccer on a beach outside of Gaza City, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 […]

Remarks to Fort Worth Pastors for Texas Children


  We gather around this table this afternoon because we believe.  We believe that children are important.  We believe that local schools are important.  We believe that local schools are the last entity or institution that exists purely for the common good.  We also are gathered because we believe that the local school is under […]