I Miss My Grandmother

Jeff Hood

    (italics are words I’ve used in previous posts)       It was three years ago.   I remember.   She never understood my activism and progressive ministry. While I was at home for Thanksgiving, my grandmother brought up “the gays” (in her words). I asked her, “Have you ever been attracted to […]

The Praying Old Man


Throughout Thanksgiving dinner, I kept looking at an iconic photograph hanging on the wall at my wife’s grandfather’s home. Though I have seen different versions of the photograph all over the country and beyond, I couldn’t help but stare this time. The photograph is of a old man praying over a simple meal. Rocking back […]

Eating Thanksgiving Dinner with Darren Wilson


  Many of us will eat Thanksgiving Dinner today with Darren Wilson. Often, Wilson is someone we love tremendously. Wilson will assure us that there is not a race problem in our country. Speaking of Ferguson and other violence, they will say that those were a bunch of thugs and vigilantes. Citing their plethora of […]