Move Your Ass


  Move Your Ass Get Out of Your Seat We Have Got to Pray for These Streets Don’t Delay We Haven’t the Time To Sit Around and Wait for the Next Crime Move Your Ass Get Out of Your Seats We Have Got to Pray for These Streets Keep Walking Mind Every Crack We Haven’t […]

When Inclusion is Exclusion : Radical Ecclesiology


  The church is the church is the church. Right? Ecclesiology is the study of what the church is. At our present hour, one cannot study the church without hearing the word ‘inclusion.’ In books, sermons and articles people consistently write and speak about a need for greater inclusion. For many Christians, being inclusive has […]

the confusion of the outside agitator: apoem


the you outside agitator the run the stun outside agitator the fear the hide the side outside agitator the street the meet the anger the scowl outside agitator the shove the stumble the hate the state the fist outside agitator the cuff the stuff the chat the ride the thoughts the station outside agitator the […]