Queer God Calling


  In many places, I’ve sought the Queer God. Sometimes I find divinity and sometimes divinity finds me. The nature of seeking is that God always finds us. Every journey is queer, unlike any other journey. The queerness of our lives is an emulation of the Queer God, in whose image we’re made. We are […]

Jesus’ Flight from Peru


  *This is a story used with permission and based on the experiences of an undocumented immigrant.   Jesus said, “I was a stranger and you didn’t welcome me in…”   Unable to care for him, Jesus’ parents left. What is a child to do with no parents? For a few years, Jesus found refuge […]

The Southern Baptist Convention is So Gay


Conversations around southern dinner tables are always colorful. One Sunday, I remember sitting with my family to talk about the sudden departure of one of the leaders of our Southern Baptist church. I didn’t understand what was being said at first. Throughout the course of dinner, I slowly began to realize that he got banished […]

The Cold Dead Jesus: A Plea for a Post-Easter Resurrection


*Easter Message Delivered in Denton, Texas   Let’s begin with the excluded God. What does it mean for God to be left out? My mind immediately conjures up a situation at the church I attend, the Cathedral of Hope United Church of Christ. Our church was founded to be the ultimate space of inclusion for […]

When Southern Baptists Get Saved


  Salvation was always such an important part of my upbringing.  We were constantly begged, pushed, prodded and manipulated to go down the aisle.  If I got saved once, I got saved a hundred times.  When the preacher started talking about hell and the rhetorical fires started tickling my toes, I especially felt the tug […]

Would Jesus March at Dallas Pride?


The many closet doors will be closed tightly at Dallas Pride.  Behind the smiles and drunken debauchery, there will be terror about what it would mean to leave the new normal that many have developed.  Most of the participants will have told their parents and friends about their sexuality or gender, but few will have […]