Confession Not Deflection


After hearing an acquaintance make two racist remarks, I insinuated that his remarks were problematic. I didn’t respond in violently. I simply tried to steer my acquaintance in a better direction. Instead of acknowledging any error, my acquaintance kept making deflecting comments. “Aren’t we all just a little racist?” I tried again and my acquaintance […]

The Inaccessible Pulpit: Rev. Justin Hancock and the Struggle for the Rights of Disabled Persons


“I can’t preach in your pulpit,” United Methodist Rev. Justin Hancock informed the small audience at the Cathedral of Hope United Church of Christ.  Everyone looked around stunned, until someone finally gathered the nerve to ask, “What do you mean?”  “Your pulpit is not accessible to persons in wheelchairs,” Hancock poignantly replied.  Ours is a […]