Secularity, Salvation and the Heresy of Religion

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  Earlier tonight, I was working in the backyard. From the fence, I heard my neighbor calling for me. On the short walk over, I wondered if our kids had done something. With five children, everything is in the realm of possibility. Before I could get to him, my neighbor declared, “my wife died three […]

Talking to Strangers: Theologies of Lying

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  A few years ago, I succumbed to my elderly grandfather’s constant inquiries about my availability to attend his family’s annual reunion. I’d only been a couple of times and knew that I wouldn’t know anyone. When we arrived, I watched people attack the buffet like they’d never eaten before. I guess this is a […]

“The God beyond God.”


“The God beyond God.”  Paul Tillich’s infamous conception of God has long marinated in my heart. I’ve dreamed of the God beyond religion and occasionally touched something more. Tillich is not alone in his estimations of God. In 36:26, Job declares, “Surely God is great, and we do not know him…” The unknowability of God […]

Don’t Go To Church. Be The Church.

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Don’t Go To Church. Be The Church.   Shortly before being arrested for civil disobedience, I said these words at the Dallas Rally Against Police Brutality in December of 2014:   There is an indictment against our religious communities. That indictment is here tonight. Asking the question… How long? How long must we work? How […]

The Church in the Dirt


  *Adapted from a sermon preached at Pilgrims in the Park in Bryan, Texas on March 22, 2015.   The Pharisees caught a man and woman fucking. Under the religious law of the time, fucking outside of marriage was a capital offense. So the Pharisees brought the woman and slung her in the dirt at the […]

The Tragedy of Mark Mayfield and The Call of Love


  For followers of God, politics and religion have always been very closely connected.  We are a people determined to see the hand of God move in the land of the living.  We start to go astray when we remake God into a Republican or Democrat.  We forget that we were made for so much […]