The Intern Monologues: Last Things with a Spiritual Son


  *This is the last intentional conversation of Christian Parks’ summer internship.   J: Christian, you have become a spiritual son to me this summer. In the words of Ruth, “Do not ask me to leave you…” I am so very thankful for our three months together. A deep abiding love has bubbled up. What […]

Our Magician: The Holy Spirit


*This is the fourth installment of my weekly theological conversations with my summer intern, Christian Parks.   C: What is the purpose of the Holy Spirit?   J: The magical Holy Spirit is the great queerer. Blurring our identities, the Holy Spirit guides us into deeper being. In deeper spaces of being, we learn to […]

Welcoming Christian Parks and Conversing the Queer


*This is a conversation between my newly arrived summer intern Christian Parks and I. Christian is a Mennonite and a senior at Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. ¬†Identifying as queer, I met Christian a few months back when he was censored and not allowed to direct the play Corpus Christi at his school. ¬†Christian […]

When did Jesus Become God?


  If Jesus got down from the cross, would we still call him God? Does the cross make Jesus God or was Jesus God before then? I think the answer lies in the fact that God is Love in perfection. Jesus cannot be God until he becomes the perfection of Love. When Jesus died on […]

50 Years After Selma: Jesus is Transgender


*I wrote this post for the Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists and the original can be found at The most terrifying substance known to our world is difference. When people can’t control or contain it, they want to destroy it. The fall of humanity is centered on a failure to love and respect […]

apoem: the why of ashe wednesday


  ashes to ashes dust to dust the beginning of when ashes to ashes dust to dust the incarnation of what ashes to ashes dust to dust the end of where ashes to ashes dust to dust the repeat of who ashes to ashes dust to dust the beginning of when-the incarnation of what-the end […]