Government Should be Afraid of Christians / A Word from Zimbabwe


“He’s the best leader in the world.” On my final flight into Zimbabwe, I overheard a gentleman make this comment about President Robert Mugabe. When I asked about all the crippling economic struggles the nation was having (unemployment at 90% and multiple government sectors having gone unpaid for 6 months), he looked at me and […]

A Real Christian in Arizona Saves Jodi Arias’ Life

Jodi Arias looks toward the jury entering the courtroom during the sentencing phase retrial in Phoenix

Wielding a knife and gun, Jodi Arias brutally killed Travis Alexander. By the time her case went to trial, Arias garnered much media attention. Ultimately convicted of murder and facing the death penalty, Arias was saved by a hung jury and prosecutors decided tried again. After the second sentencing proceedings and a long deliberation, jurors […]

The Danger of Calls to The Wilderness: A Lenten Response to Rachel Held Evans and Other Progressive Evangelicals


  The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary is a chief producer and promulgator of spiritual abuse.  The guilt and judgment sucked the oxygen out of my body and soul and literally almost killed me on more than one occasion.  I left with a degree and a broken faith in humanity and God.  During this emotionally exhaustive […]

Why We Can’t Wait: A Sunday Letter from a Baptist Pastor to my Methodist Colleagues


There in the darkness a courageous Baptist Pastor sat furiously transcribing a letter.  The words the Baptist Pastor wrote were a response to a letter from a Methodist Bishop and other clergy asking the minister to be patient in the face of injustice.  The words the Baptist Pastor wrote still ring loudly in my ears, […]