The Shirt


The Shirt   * words of comfort for a grieving preacher friend who wore a clergy shirt for the first time at his husband’s funeral.   I laid it out. I waited for the time. I heard you call. I said goodbye.   I went to the shirt. I held it tight. I knew the […]

Why weren’t they at your church?


  Thanks to a group called The Official Street Preachers, “Homo Sex is Sin” was the message that congregants at the Cathedral of Hope United Church of Christ were greeted with this morning. Unfortunately, our family was not at church this morning. Our son Phillip has the flu and the rest of the kids are […]

When Southern Baptists Get Saved


  Salvation was always such an important part of my upbringing.  We were constantly begged, pushed, prodded and manipulated to go down the aisle.  If I got saved once, I got saved a hundred times.  When the preacher started talking about hell and the rhetorical fires started tickling my toes, I especially felt the tug […]