Lenten Reflections from the Executed: #506 Michael Yowell / October 9, 2013


*These reflections are taken from pieces of the last words of the last 40 persons executed in Texas. Michael Yowell- “I love you.” The world is complicated. Evil and love mix on the inside and outside of every person. Michael Yowell was no different. Though he was a confessed killer, Yowell spent his final moments […]

Lenten Reflections from the Executed: #505 Arturo Diaz/ September 26, 2013


*These reflections are taken from pieces of the last words of the last 40 persons executed in Texas. Arturo Diaz- “I have no hate for you.” Are there people out there that you simply can’t stand? Do you think you could keep from hating someone who was actively trying to kill you? In the midst […]

Thank You: A Prayer in Crisis


  The natural birth of Lucas was amazing. Madeleine was a little slower to make her appearance. Emily was experiencing contraction after contraction and nothing was happening. After close to four hours, I noticed something dripping on the floor. I don’t know why, but I assumed that it was water for a moment. When I […]

If She Has a Penis…


For over 40 weeks, Emily has carried our son and daughter. We walked all day. With every step, I held Emily’s hand and she engaged every contraction with grit and determination. Over and over, I looked into her eyes and knew that my home will be wherever she is. Despite the pain, today was about […]

Lenten Reflections from the Executed: #491 Ramon Torres Hernandez / November 14, 2012


*These reflections are taken from pieces of the last words of the last 40 persons executed in Texas. Ramon Torres Hernandez-   “Can you hear me?” Before Ramon Torres Hernandez was executed, he wanted to know if anyone could hear him. I cannot count the late nights of prayer where I have laid awake pondering […]

The Call to Ferguson


The phone rang.  I wasn’t expecting a call so late.  “Would you be willing to go to Ferguson on our behalf?”  I was surprised by the question.  For the last few days, I told numerous people that I would not be traveling to Ferguson.  I didn’t have the money.  I knew I would miss the […]

My First Job in Ministry, Forgiveness & the Imperfect Pursuit of Perfection


  Forgiveness is not something I am good at…but I know it is something that I need to do.  This is a short talk based around an experience…the experience was and is mine…but the discussion topic of forgiveness is for all of us.  I began my ministry in a very small town in Alabama.  I […]

Letter 2 / Death Row Inmate Will Speer on the Nature of God / Theology from Death Row


Jeff and friends, This is long overdue and I am happy to be able to be a part of this and give my ideas, feelings and thoughts.  “Theology from Death Row”  I am excited to do this yet at the same time a little nervous!  Smile!  Before I begin I’d like to share some love […]