The Finger


  Car after car sped by. I looked into the eyes of every face. The image of God looked back. I spent the day walking for the abolition of the death penalty in Southern Ohio. Every once in a while, someone would slow their car down, honk their horn and raise their middle finger as […]

Lenten Reflections from the Executed: #511 Ray Jasper / March 19, 2014


*These reflections are taken from pieces of the last words of the last 40 persons executed in Texas. Ray Jasper: “…stay strong and faithful to God.” Sometimes we deny our own strength. Unbeknownst to us, God has placed deep reservoirs of strength within every person. Upon the culmination of many hard years on death row, […]

Lenten Reflections from the Executed: #501 John Quintanilla, Jr. / July 16, 2013


*These reflections are taken from pieces of the last words of the last 40 persons executed in Texas. John Quintanilla, Jr.- “…tell my wife that I love her…” Who do you love? If you had a needle stuck in your arm about to pump poison through your veins, who would you express your love to […]

Lenten Reflections from the Executed: #500 Kimberly McCarthy / June 26, 2013


*These reflections are taken from pieces of the last words of the last 40 persons executed in Texas. Kimberly McCarthy- “I am going home to be with Jesus.” Why are we so embarrassed to talk about Jesus? We work so hard to make sure that people don’t think we are too spiritual or religious in […]

On the Power of Preaching…


I woke up this morning with my mind set on the things of God. When the majesty of God truly comes over you, there is a tingling in your physiological construction. While I wouldn’t call it nervousness, I can say that it makes you shake. Today was a preaching day and like all preaching days […]

Prayers from Pride Sunday at Cathedral of Hope

Screen shot 2014-09-21 at 10.39.35 PM

  Today is a day of celebration for liberation.  We are the people of God.  We are the people of liberation.  On this Pride Sunday, let us not forget those whose liberation is not yet complete.  We remember all who still face oppression and marginalization in our world.  Let us pray.   This morning we […]

The Call to Ferguson


The phone rang.  I wasn’t expecting a call so late.  “Would you be willing to go to Ferguson on our behalf?”  I was surprised by the question.  For the last few days, I told numerous people that I would not be traveling to Ferguson.  I didn’t have the money.  I knew I would miss the […]

On the Eve of Pilgrimage: Contemplating Walking 200 miles from Livingston to Austin in Opposition to Execution


Community leaders of the day stood with their stones ready.  The law said that the woman caught in adultery was to be killed.  Everyone looked up to see what Jesus would do.  Joining the woman in the dirt, Jesus used his body to save her.  Without the body of Jesus, the woman would have perished. […]

To the Muslim Student at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary: A Word of Satire


Congratulations.  You are to be commended for starting your journey toward a doctorate in archeology at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  I was surprised when I read of your matriculation and even more surprised that Southwestern’s President Paige Patterson is supportive.  Dr. Patterson is a fair man.  Just ask all the professors he fired at Southeastern.  […]

My First Job in Ministry, Forgiveness & the Imperfect Pursuit of Perfection


  Forgiveness is not something I am good at…but I know it is something that I need to do.  This is a short talk based around an experience…the experience was and is mine…but the discussion topic of forgiveness is for all of us.  I began my ministry in a very small town in Alabama.  I […]