Southern Baptist Pastor Affirms Polyamory!


    *Interview I did with Chuck McKnight/Hippie Heretic…which originally appeared at   Chuck McKnight: Today, I’m interviewing Baptist pastor Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood. CM: From your Southern Baptist background, I’m sure you haven’t always affirmed polyamory. Could you share how your views have shifted on this matter? What led to your change of […]

TOWARD A CHRISTIAN PERSPECTIVE ON POLYAMORY: A Conversation Between Rev. Danny Cortez and Rev. Dr. Jeff Hood


  J: Is there room in the Bible for polyamorous relationships?   D: I don’t see polyamory spoken of positively at all in scripture.  When polyamory is mentioned, it is not approved or valued.   J: I think we are going to disagree on this.  There are multiple points in the Old Testament were intimate […]