The Baby from Bethlehem: A Palestinian Revelation

Ryan Rodrick Beiler/

  Palestinians are amongst the most oppressed peoples in the world. Everyday, the lives of Palestinians are controlled. Energy is controlled. Food is controlled. Movement is controlled. Water is controlled. Every facet of the lives of Palestinians is controlled. It makes sense that Jesus was born in the Palestinian city of Bethlehem. The incarnation of […]

Outside the Inn with the Shitty God


  *sermon delivered on 12/20/15 at The Beloved Community in Asheville, North Carolina   The incarnation of God is a shitty story. This speaks not of the quality of the story…but rather where the story takes places. Jesus was born in a stable full of shit.   The Christmas story is a strange tale. Don’t […]

The Wise Men Deconstructed or The Lack of Wisdom in the Wise Men


  Have far would you travel to meet God?  The idea of incarnation is that God is present where we are.  It seems that the answer to the aforementioned question comes easy in the light of a true belief in incarnation of God with us.  I don’t think you have to travel far at all […]