The Beyond Stunning Hypocrisy of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship


  The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship responded swiftly to the recent crises in Orlando. From pastoral care to providing care packages to a variety of other services, churches and individuals affiliated with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship really stepped up. These actions should be commended.   Unfortunately, the care and services provided are not the entirety of […]

On Hope: Conversations with a Disciple


  *Christian Parks is accompanying me again this summer. Throughout our time together, we will post brief snippets of our conversations.   J: How do you move forward?   C: I pass through lament and anger. I look injustice and hatred in the eye and declare there is another way. I look into myself and […]

Move Your Ass


  Move Your Ass Get Out of Your Seat We Have Got to Pray for These Streets Don’t Delay We Haven’t the Time To Sit Around and Wait for the Next Crime Move Your Ass Get Out of Your Seats We Have Got to Pray for These Streets Keep Walking Mind Every Crack We Haven’t […]