Maybe Dreams Will Save Us: A Rap on Abolition


  *This article first appeared on the website of the Alliance of Baptists.   Eyes closed. Thoughts flood my brain. The deeper I fall asleep, the more the thoughts subside. Rapid-eye movement sets in. I’m lost in a world of dreams. There is one I’ve come to know well. Someone cries out. The police bust […]

The One Question that Defines Our Faith


Does God experience our pain?   Amen.

Sidewalk Hate


“Faggot.” Where did that come from? I politely smiled at the guy. I was just walking down the street. I was trying to be nice. How can a chance encounter become so hateful? I guess hate is the only answer. Though I’ve been called a “Faggot” before, this time was particularly painful. I think it […]

Dialogues with a Disciple: On the Ocean


  *Christian Parks is accompanying me again this summer. Throughout our time together, we will post brief snippets of our conversations.   C: In a break from visiting with the guys on death row, we had an amazing opportunity to witness the last glimpse of the Strawberry Moon over the ocean in Galveston. What did God […]

The Slap


Sitting on a park bench… I saw a woman slap her child tonight. The offense was hitting another child. I watched the little girl take it. What else was she supposed to do? Before I could react… They were gone. Peace seems impossible. You can’t teach a child not to hit by hitting.

Her name is Amy Francis-Joyner


  I love Prince. We experienced the loss of a true cultural icon this week. We also experienced another great loss.   Earlier this week, Howard High School of Technology in Wilmington, Delaware was the site of a fight. This was a planned confrontation. Before school began, a couple of girls met in the bathroom. […]

Lenten Remix 37: Jesus the Stranger


  Jesus declared himself to be present in the strangers amongst us. Why do we keep deporting strangers?   Amen.

Beware of the Palm Waivers


  *I posted a version of this on Palm Sunday 2015 +The use of the word “waive” instead of the word “wave” is intentional.   The people of Jerusalem waived their palms madly to celebrate the entry of Jesus into their town. Less than seven days later, Jesus was tortured and executed in the same […]

Lenten Remix 36: The Money Changers


  Jesus was enraged. The money changers were ripping off the poorest in the community. Jesus kicked them out. Why don’t we respond similarly? Is there any difference between the money changers and the payday lenders in our communities? I don’t think so. Where is our rage?   Amen.

Lenten Remix 26: The Flood


  “God didn’t destroy the world in a flood.”   When I was a child, I struggled to believe that God destroyed the world in a flood. I just didn’t find it plausible. The God that I knew and loved would never do such a thing. Now that I have left childish struggles behind and […]