A Real Christian in Arizona Saves Jodi Arias’ Life

Jodi Arias looks toward the jury entering the courtroom during the sentencing phase retrial in Phoenix

Wielding a knife and gun, Jodi Arias brutally killed Travis Alexander. By the time her case went to trial, Arias garnered much media attention. Ultimately convicted of murder and facing the death penalty, Arias was saved by a hung jury and prosecutors decided tried again. After the second sentencing proceedings and a long deliberation, jurors […]

The Last Testament of Joseph Wood: The Prophet of a Botched Execution


  “Why have you forsaken me?” is a proper description of what many of us might feel if someone was standing over us about to intentionally inject deadly chemicals into our body.  Joseph Wood spent time talking about his love for Jesus.  How are we to respond when a man who has been convicted of […]