Kids, Drag and Jesus


    Late afternoon found me quicker than I anticipated. I was tired. I searched the house for strength and came up empty. So, I just had to go with what I had. Jumping in the car, I took off to pick up our 5 children from preschool. Each child demands more each day in […]

Jesus Wouldn’t Go to Church

Ian Sane / Wikimedia

Would Jesus go to church? This is a pivotal question. If Jesus wouldn’t go to church, then what are we doing there? Now of course, one can spend much time arguing about what the word “church” means. For the purpose of this writing, I am speaking of the church institutional. Earlier this morning, I was […]

The Call to Ferguson


The phone rang.  I wasn’t expecting a call so late.  “Would you be willing to go to Ferguson on our behalf?”  I was surprised by the question.  For the last few days, I told numerous people that I would not be traveling to Ferguson.  I didn’t have the money.  I knew I would miss the […]