The Slaughter of Joseph or Daniel Shaver


  Have you ever wondered what happened to Joseph?   He was slaughtered in Mesa, Arizona.   The early days were full of struggle. Forced to endure a difficult pregnancy, Mary and Joseph finally arrived the place of birth. Every room was full. So they found the best place they could and prepared for the […]

Is the Slaughter of the Innocent the Slaughter of God?

Would God have allowed my son to be slaughtered in Bethlehem?

  In the midst of their journey to meet the child of God, the wise folks stopped by to see King Herod. Pretending to be excited about the birth, Herod asks the wise folks to come back by and tell him where the child is so that he might exalt the child. Herod was afraid […]

Outside the Inn with the Shitty God


  *sermon delivered on 12/20/15 at The Beloved Community in Asheville, North Carolina   The incarnation of God is a shitty story. This speaks not of the quality of the story…but rather where the story takes places. Jesus was born in a stable full of shit.   The Christmas story is a strange tale. Don’t […]

The Shepherd from Bethlehem Speaks


  Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a shepherd? Most of the time you are bored out of your mind. I sit there and watch sheep day after day. I never wanted to be a shepherd. I didn’t have a choice. We have always been poor. We don’t know any other […]