Dead Body Disqualifies Valdez

ScreenShot NBCDFW

    *Dallas Morning News Editorial // appearing online on December 9, 2017 @ // appearing in print on December 11, 2017     On drugs and out of his mind, Joseph Hutcheson raced around Dallas. It was Aug. 1, 2015, and Hutcheson knew he was taking a ride for his life. With every […]

I Miss My Grandmother

Jeff Hood

    (italics are words I’ve used in previous posts)       It was three years ago.   I remember.   She never understood my activism and progressive ministry. While I was at home for Thanksgiving, my grandmother brought up “the gays” (in her words). I asked her, “Have you ever been attracted to […]

The Rhetoric of Robert Jeffress: An Ontology of Evil

  *A Conversation on Robert Jeffress, infamous Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas James Sanchez: Here’s a quote that sticks out from Robert Jeffress recent interview on Fox and Friends: “These players ought to be thanking God that they live in a country where they’re not only free to earn millions of […]

Morgan Guyton: An interview with Jeff Hood, author of The Execution of God


  Morgan Guyton: An interview with Jeff Hood, author of The Execution of God MG: Hey Jeff, thanks for being willing to talk with me about your new book The Execution of God. It’s a very fascinating theological account of the death penalty. I wanted to start off by asking: how did you get started in […]

The Sunday Existentialist


  Eyes wired shut. Repeated rapid pupil movements. Face up. Head toward the ceiling. Nostrils sucking in air. Chest at ease. Arms relaxed. Legs straight. My flesh rests easy in the hammock that is my bones. I am one with the night. The night is one with me.   Do I know that I’m asleep? […]



To Be Visible To Be Invisible To Be To Be Human To Not To Be To Rot To Know To Pray To Go To Think To Strive To Dream To Be The Future Forgot Us We’re Stuck Here We Know There’s More We Just Don’t Know What It’s For

On the 10th Anniversary of My Ordination


  Jesus called me into ministry.   The institutional church has put me through hell.   The keepers of the normative have always tried to stand in my way.   Having spent years in discernment, I will never forget the first question. “Do you believe in a literal hell?” After an afternoon of similar questions, […]

The Intern Monologues: Communion


  J: What do you think happens during communion?   C: Communion is the place where we fully encounter the other. We are reminded the way of Jesus is broken and shared among us all. What do you think?   J: I believe the elements become God as we ingest them together. We are all […]

From the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary to Queer


  “What man doesn’t wonder about what it would be like to have sex with a man?” While dining at Cracker Barrel late one night, I asked the question of a friend. Before I could even begin to muse about my own question, Don Fulton looked at me in my eyes and declared, “I’m gay.” […]