What Does God Look Like?


  *The Church at the Table in Oak Lawn on 1/25/2016.   The looks of God are a curious thing to explore. However, I also think such attributes are something we can’t ignore. We are made in God’s image. What does God look like? God looks like us. We look like God. If you want […]

The Real Queers?


Claiming an identity or category doesn’t make you queer. Anyone can claim anything and be just as normative as anyone else. Oppression is always the chief marker of normativity. Queerness and oppression don’t go together. The real queer shuns oppression for the sake of transformation. Over the last few months, I have watched many fake […]

Joseph Hutcheson and a Failure of Identity Politics


  “Why???” The tearful words of James Hutcheson echoed loudly against the jail. Throughout last Friday’s press conference, the events of August 1 kept running through my mind.   Desperate for help, Joseph Hutcheson parked his truck on the curb of the Lew Sterrett Justice Center in Dallas and ran inside. Upon entering, Hutcheson screamed, “Don’t […]

Jesus is Dead! : An Easter Case for a Theological Resurrection


Throughout my ministry, I have heard awful stories of pain, abuse and suffering. Though the stories are many and varied, there is one that sticks out above all others. During a time of group counseling around spiritual abuse, an older gentleman revealed that his youth group pinned him down and probed his ass with a […]

The Courage to Be Queer: A Theological Exploration

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*I delivered this keynote address at the LGBTQ Religious Experience Summit at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas on March 21, 2015.   May this be a wild experience for us all…perhaps even a queer experience if we are lucky. Let’s begin by talking about theology. What is theology? Most people think that theology is […]