Immigration Imagination


*Letter written for various newspapers.   Dear Editor,   Imagine a scenario. You’re in your apartment. Your favorite show is on the television. The kids are resting in the floor. You give your partner a hug and a kiss. When the show is over, you help your kids to bed. Once they’re underneath the covers, […]

Dr. Robert Jeffress Deports Jesus: A Cautionary Tale


  Miracles weren’t supposed to happen on nights like that. Gunshots filled the air. Violence was everywhere. Already feeling the contractions, Maria was desperate to find refuge. Just when Maria thought she wasn’t going to make it one more step, a woman opened the door of her shack and invited her in. Within the hour, […]

the ice pellets on the head of God: reimagining church


  The weather is difficult this evening.  We slipped and slid a bit on our drive down.  The wind, rain and ice are brutally cold.  This does not seem to be a night where we could experience a good conversation outside much less the divine.  However, I think Jesus is found out in the elements […]