Lenten Reflections from the Executed: #487 Jonathan Green / October 10, 2012


*These reflections are taken from pieces of the last words of the last 40 persons executed in Texas. Jonathan Green- “It hurts bad.”   In his final moments, Jonathan Green wanted to give voice to the pain that he was suffering. On the cross, Jesus screamed out in pain, “My God, My God, Why have […]

The Blessing of Communion at Domestic Violence Prevention Wednesday // Cathedral of Hope UCC 10/8/14


  Well…I’m a little tired.  I’ve had a hell of a day to be honest with you.  I don’t know if any of you share such sentiments.  I had two particularly painful experiences today.  One was this afternoon…I shared time with a 28-year-old man who is dying of bone cancer.  There was a tremendous amount […]