The Darkness: A Meditation


  In the stillness of the night, you know me. The mist reminds me. Though the mind might wander, you remain steady in the nothing that is everything. The absence of light paints a glorious portrait of mystery. The crickets speak the word. In the echoes of yesterday and tomorrow, you speak of today. The […]

If She Has a Penis…


For over 40 weeks, Emily has carried our son and daughter. We walked all day. With every step, I held Emily’s hand and she engaged every contraction with grit and determination. Over and over, I looked into her eyes and knew that my home will be wherever she is. Despite the pain, today was about […]

My Message at the Funeral of Frances Hood…My Grandmother


We gather this morning at a difficult hour. I have grown accustomed to gathering in times both good and bad in this very room. The Rock Baptist Church is an ancestral and spiritual home for the Hood family. Many of you have gathered with us over the years. I have done much questioning in these […]