The Rapture of Fear: Ramblings on Halloweens Past

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San Francisco de Borja y el moribundo impenitente. Capilla de San Francisco de Borja de la Catedral de Valencia, Óleo sobre lienzo. // Wikimedia.

  I heard the word rapture far more than I heard the name Jesus. That’s just how we were. We were terrified. We though it was our job to scare the hell out of everyone. Somewhere in there, love got left behind. We said we were following Jesus. Somehow, I think we knew that wasn’t […]

Three Months After the Death of Joseph Hutcheson: Words


  We gather three months to the day after the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department murdered Joseph Hutcheson. We are not far at all from the spot where Joseph pulled his truck up on the curb in desperate need of help. We can see where Joseph walked up that hill in desperate need of help. We […]