Firefighter Brutality: The Traffic Stop


  Did you know that there are all sorts of hidden officials who can pull you over? I didn’t. I do now.   I recently submitted the following letter to various publications.   Imagine. Last week, while driving down the highway with my three of my children, I noticed an aggressive white SUV. Distracted, I […]

The Cross of Firearms (Lent 1)

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There was a security breach. Somehow, a troubled young man with a gun was able to get into the building. Not long after the doors closed behind him, he pulled out the rapid firing weapon. Blood splashed against the walls. Screams echoed against the walls. Bodies kept hitting the floor. Though the response was fast…it […]


Christopher Dombres / Wikimedia

  Dozens and dozens of people were dead. The images were horrific. Yet again, someone opened fire on a church. With images of blood fresh on my mind, I went to the leadership of our church. Out of fear, I suggested that we hire armed security for the church. Everyone agreed. Even though I felt […]

Apostasy: God, Guns and Sutherland


    In the beginning, God created guns. God said, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule with guns.”   So God created humanity with guns in their hands.   It was not long before humans started killing each other.   In their depravity, humans roamed the earth […]

#25 / Jonestown Theology: Lenten Explorations in the Valley of Death

Wikimedia / Nancy Wong

God is never lost. In the midst of great evil, God is there. I have long wondered how Jonestown fits into such ideas. In the 1970s, Rev. Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple founded the settlement in the jungles of Guyana. After a few years of communal living, Jones led his followers to commit a […]

We’re Dead: Guns Mattered More


  With the defeat of multiple gun control measures this evening, the US Senate has made it clear that they believe that guns matter more than human lives.   The blood that flowed out of Mother Emanuel AME Church doesn’t matter.   The blood that flowed out of Pulse Nightclub doesn’t matter.   The blood […]

Three Months After the Death of Joseph Hutcheson: Words


  We gather three months to the day after the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department murdered Joseph Hutcheson. We are not far at all from the spot where Joseph pulled his truck up on the curb in desperate need of help. We can see where Joseph walked up that hill in desperate need of help. We […]

On the Tragedy at Mother Emanuel AME Church


  “Tragedy amplifies our desperate desire to hear a word from God. In the midst of suffocating times, sojourners gathered last night and placed their ears to the sky. As a testament to their love, the group welcomed a stranger. When the shots rang out, the nine souls of Mother Emanuel AME Church heard the […]

Stand Down America!

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  Last Saturday in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Police Officers Benjamin Deen and Liquori Tate were making a routine traffic stop when they were gunned down in a hail of bullets. There are many in this nation who heard about such a situation and believe that the two got what they deserved. After all, brutal police have […]

Would Jesus Call the Police?


  Last Tuesday night, someone called the police and reported a homeless man with a dog harassing people in Venice Beach. A short time after police arrived, one of the responding officers shot unarmed Brendon Glenn dead. In the understatement of the year, Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck described the shooting as “concerning.” […]