Love Beyond Love: Immigration and Dementia


  Due to President Trump’s disturbing pronouncements on immigration, our borders have filled the news recently. Sadly, I think our political situation is only causing our borders to grow faster and faster. Separation seems limitless. In the midst of it all, I traveled to visit my grandmother today. For many years, my grandmother’s mind has […]

The End of Memory is The Beginning of God


On Christmas Day, I spent time with my grandmother. We’ve always been close, but this year she didn’t even know who I was. Dementia has taken all of her memories. At one point, I looked over and saw my grandmother talking to a plastic bag. I scooted over to hear what she was saying. When […]

The Absence of God

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The air was unusually cold for November. My nose was running and my eyes were watering. Nevertheless, I wanted to kiss her goodbye. I knocked on the back window. I could see her sitting in her chair. Slowly, she moved toward the sliding glass door. Eventually, we got it open. I gave her a hug […]

Back to the Future: A Call for Queerness


  *Delivered at Metropolitan Community Church of the Rockies in Denver, Colorado on June 7, 2015   There was a time when all was well. We call it “Eden.” Do you remember? We have spent all of human existence yearning to go back there…back to the future. There are times when we know we are […]

A Magical Moment of a Hidden Sickness


I am sick. I am not talking about the kind of sick that you are able to get over. My sickness is chronic. Though I take medicine twice daily, I will never be healed. Then again, I don’t know that I want to be. The construction of my mind is terribly important to who I […]

My Message at the Funeral of Frances Hood…My Grandmother


We gather this morning at a difficult hour. I have grown accustomed to gathering in times both good and bad in this very room. The Rock Baptist Church is an ancestral and spiritual home for the Hood family. Many of you have gathered with us over the years. I have done much questioning in these […]

My Dear Grandmother Frances Hood Died Today and Our Love Remains


The parking lot of a restaurant is an odd place to find out that your grandmother has died. Then again, I guess it is as good a place as any to receive devastating news. The words of my dad are still echoing in my brain, “she died this morning in her favorite chair.” There are […]