A Love Letter to North Korea


Kim Jong-un.   What the fuck is wrong with you? Earlier today, you assassinated your own brother? You are developing nuclear weapons capable of killing millions? You starve your own people? You continuously execute your opponents? Is this your way of showing love? I don’t think so. This is never the way you show love. […]

Lenten Remix 1: The Fluid John 3:16


*This is 1 of 40 remixes and reflections of texts for Lent. “For God so loved the world that they gave their only them that whosoever believes in them shall not perish in the binaries but have fluidity everlasting.”   For many years, I struggled with using plural pronouns as singular pronouns. Though I had […]

The Inaccessible Pulpit: Rev. Justin Hancock and the Struggle for the Rights of Disabled Persons


“I can’t preach in your pulpit,” United Methodist Rev. Justin Hancock informed the small audience at the Cathedral of Hope United Church of Christ.  Everyone looked around stunned, until someone finally gathered the nerve to ask, “What do you mean?”  “Your pulpit is not accessible to persons in wheelchairs,” Hancock poignantly replied.  Ours is a […]