The Finger


  Car after car sped by. I looked into the eyes of every face. The image of God looked back. I spent the day walking for the abolition of the death penalty in Southern Ohio. Every once in a while, someone would slow their car down, honk their horn and raise their middle finger as […]

The Juxtaposition of Our Borders: A Queer Conversation on the Way to Immersion


  *This is a conversation that took place on July 27, 2015 between Kristin Kelly, Christian Parks and I on our journey to an immersion experience on the US/Mexico border focused on queer theology.   J: Who is God at the juxtaposition of our borders?   K: God is borderless. God is the immigrant coming […]

God is in Hell


  “You are going to hell!”  I hated people damning me to hell.  There was always something about someone speaking me into a fiery torment for all of eternity that was the ultimate “fuck you.”  I am not there anymore.  This morning after yet another incident of being damned, I realized I get told I […]