I Miss My Grandmother

Jeff Hood

    (italics are words I’ve used in previous posts)       It was three years ago.   I remember.   She never understood my activism and progressive ministry. While I was at home for Thanksgiving, my grandmother brought up “the gays” (in her words). I asked her, “Have you ever been attracted to […]

Frances Hood: The Last Thanksgiving


  I recounted the following story after I found out my grandmother died a little over a week after last Thanksgiving:   Though I have had many beautiful conversations with my grandmother, I will always cherish the last one. My grandmother has never been able to understand my activism and progressive ministry. While I was […]

My Message at the Funeral of Frances Hood…My Grandmother


We gather this morning at a difficult hour. I have grown accustomed to gathering in times both good and bad in this very room. The Rock Baptist Church is an ancestral and spiritual home for the Hood family. Many of you have gathered with us over the years. I have done much questioning in these […]

My Dear Grandmother Frances Hood Died Today and Our Love Remains


The parking lot of a restaurant is an odd place to find out that your grandmother has died. Then again, I guess it is as good a place as any to receive devastating news. The words of my dad are still echoing in my brain, “she died this morning in her favorite chair.” There are […]