The Martyr of Climate Change

Mark Baumer / Instagram

  Last week, I’d never even heard of Mark Baumer. I suspect most people still don’t know who he his. Such ignorance is unfortunate. A few days ago, I learned that Baumer embodied the lived experience of faith in something greater than himself. Back in October, Baumer left Rhode Island to walk barefoot across America. […]

Esteban Santiago Should Have Been Helped.

Twitter/Esteban Santiago

  Back in November, Esteban Santiago was growing increasingly paranoid and traveled to the Alaska FBI office to share that he thought that the government was controlling his mind. From his car, agents recovered a gun. Not long after, local police transported Santiago to a hospital for mental health treatment. About a month later, Santiago […]

Barbara Dawson: A Child of God Slaughtered by Medical Capitalism and Our Police State


  “I can’t breathe.” The cry has gone out over and over again. On December 21, 2015, the cry was heard again.   After complaining of stomach pain, Barbara Dawson was rushed to Calhoun Liberty Hospital in Blountstown, Florida. Upon stabilization, the medical staff demanded Dawson leave the premises. Repeatedly, Dawson expressed that she didn’t […]