The Feathered Zimbabweans


  Birds of a feather flock together. Strangely, I’ve found companions amongst the feathers on the farm. There is just something about these chickens.   Back feathers. White feathers. Brown feathers. Green feathers. Their brilliant colors seem to never end. The feathered rainbow calls me to never stop searching for more colors.   Noise catches […]

God is Our Passive Enemy: Reacting Fairly and Honestly to a Day Like Today


    Christians have a bad tendency to rush to offer excuses for God in the wake of tragedy.  In the last 24 hours, John Middleton was executed in Missouri with a lingering legitimate claim of innocence, four cousins were killed while playing soccer on a beach outside of Gaza City, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 […]

poetics under fire or verse written with my son sitting on me on a flight to dallas-fort worth


  bart bart screamed out and everyone told him not to shout the one they called crazy blind man screamed out and go to see again we will not open the eyes of the blind until we scream out about the oppression we find the sign everyone demands a sign from god but perhaps the […]