The Thingyness of God


  *Based on a talk delivered at The Church of the Table in Fort Worth on 1/17/2016   The great woods were magnificent. Though I’d hiked many places, I’d never experienced anything like this. There was energy to the place that was unexplainable. The things that surrounded me were so full of God. The trees […]

A Letter for Jeff & Phillip on your 3rd Birthday


Jeff & Phillip.   My sons. God formed you to be perfect in the queerness of your being. Even though you have now traveled three years since your formation, perfection is still there. Learn to live into your being. For, in the queerness of your being is your perfection…and the perfection of the God who […]

The Ethics of Our Table: Jesus and Meat


Outside during the visit, everyone enjoys playing fetch with the family dog.  When the host of the house whistles for the dog to come around back, no one pays attention.  A few hours later, everyone gathers at the dinner table and prepares for a great feast.  After a prayer asking God’s blessing on the meal […]