Beware of the Palm Wavers


*I posted a version of this on Palm Sunday 2016   The people of Jerusalem waved their palms madly to celebrate the entry of Jesus into their town. Less than seven days later, Jesus was tortured and executed in the same place. Though Palm Sunday is a time to celebrate, I can never get past […]

From the Party


  As you eat the cupcakes…   We were shocked We didn’t know what to do We only knew that we loved you Your mother pushed I tried I was best at staying by her side Time flew The day arrived We didn’t know what was in store We’d had a few false starts before […]

The God in the Table


  *Preached at The Church at the Table in Denton, Texas on 1/10/16   A LIGHT IN THE ATTICĀ  There’s a light in the attic. Thought the house is dark and shuttered, I can see a flickerin’ flutter, And I know what it’s about. There’s a light on in the attic. I can see it […]

My Kids Tell Me Everything I Need to Know About Your Church


A few weeks back, our family opened the doors of an old church and sat down. I was invited to share with the congregation about my work and told that my family was more than welcome. From the moment we walked in, the sneering glances and pursed lips informed us that this congregation was most […]

If She Has a Penis…


For over 40 weeks, Emily has carried our son and daughter. We walked all day. With every step, I held Emily’s hand and she engaged every contraction with grit and determination. Over and over, I looked into her eyes and knew that my home will be wherever she is. Despite the pain, today was about […]