Is the Slaughter of the Innocent the Slaughter of God?

Would God have allowed my son to be slaughtered in Bethlehem?

  In the midst of their journey to meet the child of God, the wise folks stopped by to see King Herod. Pretending to be excited about the birth, Herod asks the wise folks to come back by and tell him where the child is so that he might exalt the child. Herod was afraid […]

The Absence of God

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The air was unusually cold for November. My nose was running and my eyes were watering. Nevertheless, I wanted to kiss her goodbye. I knocked on the back window. I could see her sitting in her chair. Slowly, she moved toward the sliding glass door. Eventually, we got it open. I gave her a hug […]

Love your neighbor…BE QUEER. : A Sermon at the First Congregational Church in Fort Worth, Texas


  When you stop to consider the absence of information that we’ve got about the childhood of Jesus, these passages about a young Jesus in the temple are incredibly profound. After a young Jesus leaves the temple, there is another huge gap (18 years to be exact) in the narrative. There is a reason that […]

Learning to Die


  There was a moment in my journey of faith that I realized that following Jesus meant death. In that moment, I realized that, “death is the way, death is the truth and death is the light.” One has to die in order to experience the fullness of Jesus. On occasion, I am vividly reminded […]

Jose Antonio Vargas at ImagiNATION: Immigration


Once there was a couple with a young son who were forced to flee their homeland. Throughout the treacherous journey, the family wrestled mightily to finish the trip. Upon arrival, the family struggled to adapt to their new surroundings. The language and customs were so different from their home. People would often stare and make […]