The Money: A Parable of Sorts (Part 5 of 8): The Violence

Ant Rozetsky/Unsplash

  “Fuck this shit.” Zack was beyond angry. “Another nigger coworker?!?” Heading to the door of the factory, Zack stopped. He knew the truth. “I can’t leave.” There was nowhere else he was going to find a job with this good of pay and this good of hours. “I have a child to feed now.” […]

The Money: A Parable of Sorts (Part 2 of 8): The Crash

Hector Laborde/Unsplash

            Death was in the air. Every step felt heavier than the last. The dew was soaking my shoes. Looking up, I saw the little mountain cabin. I didn’t want to go in. I hesitated. The old cabin door swung open with a loud creak. The room was so familiar […]